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Holiday tent on the shore

Make your event look like a frame from a movie! In the tent on the Pastor's Lake, it will become just that. Any event - corporate, wedding, anniversary in a tent: we will help to arrange any event, provide equipment, sophisticated decor, serving and catering. A tent for rent for an event at pleasant prices combined with high quality.

аренда большого шатра
Почему выбирают нас?


За час вы попадете из шумного города в волшебное место

У нас всем хватит места

Ресторан может принять до 300 человек, шатер - до 90 гостей

Бесплатная парковка

Всем гостям предоставляем 40 парковочных мест

У нас невероятно красиво

Кадры с вашего мероприятия будут потрясающими

Мы — профессионалы

Готовы выполнить любое пожелание заказчика

Трансфер для гостей

Мы готовы предоставить транспорт под любой объем гостей

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Renting a tent for an event at a recreation center in the Leningrad region is the most popular solution for a wedding and a country corporate party in summer.

Why is the tent increasingly being chosen as a venue for a wedding or other important event? It's simple, a holiday in a tent is stylish, relevant and incredibly convenient. In addition, compared to renting a banquet hall in St. Petersburg, renting a tent for an event is very inexpensive. In order to find out the price, contact us - we have prepared package offers for holidays and events that will pleasantly surprise you!

But how to decide among the huge variety of offers of recreation centers in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region? We recommend taking into account the rental price, service and the place where the recreation center or country club is located. The more picturesque it is, the more spectacular your event will be: a wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate party outside the city. And of course, the size of the tent is very important - only a large tent will allow you to comfortably accommodate guests and organize a dance floor with a price.

The tent on the basis of "Pastorskoe Lake" is not only an incredibly beautiful place on the shore of the lake surrounded by a pine forest. This is a pleasant price for renting a high-quality tent, as well as the service and catering of the event at the highest level. A comfortable country playground away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be a great location for your photos: after all, the scenery will serve not only stylish design, but also picturesque landscapes around!

The tent rental includes the tent itself, as well as maintenance, equipment, decoration of the hall, serving, security, parking, an area with access to the water and much more. We will take care of everything so that you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of your holiday.

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